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About the Author - Bianca Ku

In there near future I'll be completing some childrens books I have been working on; and if you join my email list I will notify you when they are ready. There is a child in us all and remembering what made us happy as kids through books can be uplifting.

Imagining it and then giving life to it through writing is my plan and strategy moving forward.

I hope you found the Fart Diary funny; and if you have not read it yet, I suggest you get of your talking drum right now and click here to grab your copy.

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About the Author
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Who is Bianca Ku

Fart Diary
Hi, I am Bianca and welcome to my blog.

Writing has always been my passion, but, I never got the courage to take the next step until now.

I like humor; children’s books and adventure. I let my imagination take me to places I've never been to.

Humor is a big part of what makes us human. A well placed joke can turn sadness into happiness and I strive to make it a major part of my writing.
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